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I am a BACP registered Psychodynamic Psychotherapist and CBT Counsellor with training in Transpersonal Psychology and Therapeutic Group Facilitation and Integration coaching.

I believe we all have an innate healing intelligence, but things can get in the way of getting in touch with it.  I view therapy as a supportive, collaborative, creative process that creates the right environment for that innate healing intelligence to bring about change. I can support you in rediscovering forgotten inner resources and strengths to heal past traumas, overcome depression and resolve anxiety.

I hold myself to the highest standard of ethical practice at all times, and as a registered member of BACP I adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework. This is also an assurance to you, if you choose to work with me, that you can be confident that all you share with me in the sessions is handled with the utmost discretion and respect.

What can you expect when you come to see me?


I work with a tailor-made approach. As your life experience, your struggles and story is unique, your therapy will be also.

My theoretical training background is psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural and transpersonal, incorporating elements of dynamic interpersonal therapy, internal family systems therapy, and compassionate enquiry. In breif I practice Integral Psychotherapy. Integral psychotherapy (IP) proposes that all insights on life contain partial truths and that weaving together a range of cultural, psychological, socioeconomic, biological, spiritual, and behavioural perspectives can offer hope for healing. IP draws from several theoretical orientations, leaning heavily on theories of transpersonal psychology. All of these theoretical frameworks help me to think with you about your difficulties with the ephasis on trusting your innate ability to heal.

I'm also an advocate of psychedelic-assisted therapy. I closely follow the latest research on the use of entheogens in the field of mental health treatment and am trained as a psychedelics coach. I offer preparation and integration sessions for those intending to travel abroad to work with expanded states of consciousness as part of their healing journey.

In addition to the BACP, I am a member of the PHP (Psychedelic Health Professionals) network and a member of the Guild of Guides (GoG), an umbrella organization for practitioners and organizations offering guided psychedelic experiences. We uphold professional standards, best practices, and a code of conduct to ensure the safety and integrity of participants in psychedelic rituals, therapies, and sessions. I strictly observe the legal and ethical boundaries of all of the above-mentioned registering bodies and organizations


What counselling can be helpful with...

People turn to counselling with a wide variety of issues. You may know exactly what you want to address by coming to therapy or perhaps you are just deeply frustrated, or stuck and may need someone to help figure it all out. Sometimes it is about getting the support at the right time to help you through a bereavement or loss or having a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships. Here are the sort of issues my clients have presented with in my practise, to mention a few:


    Anxiety, panic attacks, health anxiety, stress

    Abuse, Bullying

    Anger management

    Relationship, parental and domestic issues

    Bereavement, loss and separation

    Body dysmorphia, unhealthy relationship with food

    Career and Work related stress


    Drug and alcohol use and abuse

    Gender and sexuality

    Sex, and intimacy issues

    Confidence and self-esteem issues

    Obsessive-compulsive preoccupation



    Sexual abuse

    Suicidal thoughts

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