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How I can support you

The field of emotional and mental health support is constantly evolving. We don't immediately think of lying on a couch when thinking of therapy.  Working that way still has its place but it's not for everyone. There is overwhelming research evidence to support that the quality of the relationship we build determines the success of therapy. We can build and maintain that relationship in many ways and in many environments.  Personal growth and healing can happen in the therapy room, walking in nature or sitting at home in front of your computer. It is good to have options.   


Counselling and Psychotherapy

It is the familiar, sitting face to face in a cozy room kind of therapy. Working this way is containing and holding because it is consistent and predictable. That consistency can help to make you feel safe, and if you are feeling safe, you open up and transformation can take place. Working this way has the longest tradition in the western world and most research evidence behind its efficacy.  It is still the most popular choice …

I am working from two location. Please folllow the link below to find out more.


Online Counselling and Psychotherapy

Online counselling is the way of delivering counselling since the pandamic hit. It’s just like face-to-face therapy except you communicate with me via your personal computer. This service is also known as e-therapy, internet therapy and web therapy. It can prove as effective as its face-to-face alternative for individuals and couples alike. One major advantage of woking this way is that it is not location specific. Any room in your home can become your therapy room and you can continue your therapy even when you travel.


Psychedelic Coaching

Psychedelic Coaching offers personalized support to individuals preparing for or who have undergone a psychedelic experience—whether in a Western clinical environment or within an indigenous shamanic context. As psychedelics gain broader recognition, many individuals consider participating in ceremonies for healing or self-exploration. While working with entheogens can be transformative, it carries inherent risks. Therefore, it is crucial for individuals to thoroughly prepare before embarking on their psychedelic journey to minimize potential harm.

Integration is strongly advocated by all responsible practitioners in the field of psychedelic therapy. While the experience itself can be profoundly insightful and even life-changing, lasting transformation is achieved through the integration process that follows the ceremony.

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